Lovely toe toes – CLARIDADE IPANEMA

– Rio de Janeiro Cep: 22410-003. Tel: 2267-6745/2513-5064
Now ladies, a word of advice when traveling to Rio de Janeiro or anywhere in Brazil for that matter, people will judge you by your nails!
A no point do we Cariocas find it appropriate not to have immaculately finished toes and finger nails. Having unpolished nasty toes is one of the biggest faux pas our namely European friends make, and no it’s not acceptable even if your a back packer!
Luckily for everyone – getting primped and pampered in Rio is very inexpensive with nail salons on every corner you will be spoiled for choice. The salons will range in price but one of my favourite places for people on a budget is ‘Claridade’
Nestled away in a little corner of a little shopping arcade, this cute little family run salon is a favourite with its Ipanema neighbours. Always a first on my beach prep ‘pit stops’ list the friendly team are always there to put my toes into enviable shape.
Very little English is spoken but don’t worry they take really good care of you regardless of the language barrier just arm yourself with a a friendly smile, choose your colour sit back, relax and enjoy your ‘Cafezinho”! (little Brazilian coffee! ‘KA-FE-ZING-YOU”)
Open Monday – Saturday 9am-8pm

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