Coconuts, condensed milk & chocolate

PETIT FOUR CAFE – Rua Aristides Espínola, 101 – Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

Leblon rio chocolate shop

My darling Aunty Vandinha (Carioca!) introduced me to this adorable little sweet shop hidden down one of the side streets of Leblon, it reminds me of a typical Brazilian Grandmas house filled with sweets galore!

For those of you yet to experience a Brazilian ‘Doce’ (sweet), they are pretty special! Mostly made up of condensed milkly goodness and flavoured with chocolate, coconut or just more condensed milk. I find it rather miraculous that Brazilian women are able to keep their ‘junk in the trunk’ so in shape – good genes I guess! : )

When here you MUST try my favourite Dolce BRIGADEIRO’ – a chocolate and condensed milk concoction and also the traditional ‘QUINDINS’ – coconut, egg & condensed milk – Just like Vovó’  (Grandma) use to make them’



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