Boating, bikini, fun – ALL ABOARD, ‘SO FISTIQUE’

sarinha carioca jump

So there are loads of tourist boat trips that will promise you a day out around the bay of Guanabara. Not bad if you’re sticking to the tourist trail with the other sheep, but for those of you not keen on the usually happy clappy tourist float So Fistíque  may be the answer to your prayers.

We were lucky enough to discover So Fistíque a year ago when flipping through the pages of a national newspaper over breakfast we came across an advertisement that promised an exceptional boat trip paired with awesome music. After a bit of ummm-ing and ahhh-ing we made a few phone calls to a guy who ran the gig and successfully wangled some tickets. We eagerly made our way down to the Gloria Pier, nervously waiting for the boat to arrive we were warmly welcomed the guys who were in charge of the operation – Cariocas of course! My other half was the only ‘gringo’ on board other than the DJ Gordon Edge who is a born again Carioca so doesn’t really count. Everyone was super friendly and their English seemed to get better the more caipirinhas they drank.

Needless to say we got pretty merry and danced the night away…

The trip was awesome and one for both lovers and ‘soon to be lovers’ of house music, don’t worry if you’re a total newby – this is relatively easy listening stuff.

If you’re lucky enough they might have a visiting DJ – we were treated to Gordon Edge who played a set with his signature trumpet – this was for sure the music highlight of the evening.

The booze was flowing heavily and by the time the sun was setting I had catapulted myself off into the ocean, a truly liberating moment (even if it was a tad on the cold side).

So Fistíque is a bit like a club night aboard a boat… Actually that’s exactly what it is. Pack your sunblock and waterproof mascara!

Check out their Fbook page for info on their next voyage. So Fistíque 



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