CIAO 2012, ROLL ON 2013!

New year spent in Rio de Janeiro is really like no other, this is in part due to the immense firework display on Copacabana beach paired with the millions (and I mean MILLIONS) of people from all over the world who gather for this annual momentous occasion. I’ve travelled the world over admiring firework displays (I love them….) and I must say the Rio de Janeiro holds my personal medal for the best firework display I have EVER seen (I found it even more astonishing than Sydney harbour).

2013 will be a big one with over two million people expected to descend on Copacabana beach alone- if you are lucky enough to be in town do make your way to the beach front.


Wear WHITE and only white, the only exception here is red knickers/boxers (or speedos, whatever suits) as this will spice up your love life (optional of course).

If you’re going to get in the nitty, gritty, crowd surfing later on in the evening then one should really take a pair of trainers as there will be broken glass and other really nasty things on the floor as the crowds get bigger. One wouldn’t want to end up with a nasty infection especially on holiday.


We have a really cool tradition which is derived from the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé.

You will see lots of flowers for sale and these are for offering to the goddess of the ocean Imanja. I am an avid beach-goer and so out of respect I will always offer some lovely flowers to the ‘Sister’ in the hope that she won’t whack me with a nasty wave. Some people go as far as champagne and giant sand shrines filled with candles. These will start going up a few days before and if you’re really lucky you may even see some rather elaborate dancing and gatherings of people who follow the Candomblé religion.

Back to the flowers, in a nut shell the colours are as follows:

White: Peace

Yellow: Wealth

Red/Pink: Love


Don’t drive! Other than the obvious, you also won’t be able to park.

The traffic is going to be diabolical so walk if you can, the busses are great and you can just hop on at Nossa Senhora de Copacabana equally take the metro and get off at ‘Siqueira Campos’, which is about the middle of Copacabana.

Good luck and enjoy it!




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