Monday Night Samba Circle

pedra de sal Rio de Janeiro 2

Roda de Samba do Pedra do Sal 

What to do on a Monday night in Rio de Janeiro you ask? The place to be is Pedra do Sal for some live samba music and cold drinks. Every Monday, you can be sure to find a lively scene with crowds of young people chatting, drinking beer and caipirinhas and, most importantly, dancing and singing at the samba circle. Or “roda de samba” as it’s known to locals. 

Pedra do Sal is located on Rua Argemiro Bulção in Centro. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you start to see people selling beer from their giant coolers, or making caipirinhas on their plastic table in the street. As you walk farther down the alley, you’ll hear the music and will soon see the samba circle in the middle of all these beautiful, if not run down, colonial style buildings. 

 Pedra do Sal literally means salt rock. There is a huge rock with stairs carved into it here, which people stand and dance on to get a good view of the samba circle. It’s actually a very historical place in Rio, as it once was the site of a slave market. The sea used to come up to the rock, where the slaves would work and be traded. According to some, this is also where samba originated. 

 You can truly see and feel the love of samba here at this samba circle. The band is always having a great time, full of energy and smiles. The crowd sings along, dancing enthusiastically. There is a contagious energy in the air, and you will leave with a smile on your face and Brazilian rhythms in your feet.

pedra de sal rio de janeiro 3

Pedra de Sal Rio de Janeiro


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