BARTHODOMEU – Rua. Maria Quitéria, 46 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro – T. +55 21 2247-8609 – www.barthodomeu.com.br‎

Photographed by Amy J Patterson

Get your Engov ready and clear your diary for tomorrow morning because whether your starting or ending your night in Barthodomeu one things for sure… You’re pretty much guaranteed a hangover. Now this place can be pretty sketchy at night but it’s also rather fun and dead smack in the middle of Ipanema. The crowd is very mixed with a whole host of people from expats to pickpockets, locals to travellers. The cocktails aren’t going to blow your mind with their delicate flavours but instead numb your tastebuds so pace yourself and be sure you’re with friends so that you can at least stumble back to your hotel/hostel/rental in a group. It’s super fun (even in the rain), by midnight the party has spilled across the street into the road and everyone’s making friends, dancing, fighting or snogging.

A memorable experience for all! But pace yourself the drinks will knock your socks off and cachaca should really come with a warning.





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